On 15 March 2008, our lives changed forever when our precious second son, due in 10 days, went quiet. At 11.21pm Philip Nash was stillborn, beautiful and perfect, but with a 'true knot' in his umbilical cord.

There is nothing to compare with the pain of losing a child and from this feeling of ‘empty arms’ and a desperate desire for more tangible memories than we had, very quietly a seed was sown. Two months later, we wrote to the Jersey Maternity Unit with what had started out as a wish to provide something, anything, for those parents who came after us. As we searched for a special Memory Box for our memories of Philip it hit us that the right idea was staring us in the face. By the time we met with the Jersey Maternity staff the idea for Memory Boxes was up and running; we were delighted with their very positive response.

Fighting the urge to keep this very traumatic and painful event private, we felt the only way to make this happen, for the long term, was to set up a charity and 'go public'.

Thus Philip's Footprints was created, in loving memory.

There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on the world

or perhaps as Dr Seuss would say 'A person's a person, no matter how small'. (Horton Hears a Who?)

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