Special thanks go to

Our nearest and dearest, for understanding that even years later we will never 'get over it' we have just learnt to live with it but it still hurts and tears still flow.

Julie, for her friendship and support throughout our pregnancy and in our darkest days that followed.

Johanna, for her friendship, support and feedback of our charity literature and website and for being my online Samaritan! She sat and just listened - a true gift of friendship.

Vicky and Jo, for their friendship, support and invaluable input and feedback during the evolution of the Memory Boxes.

Jan Auffret and Elaine Torrance of the Jersey Maternity Unit, for their overwhelmingly positive response to a tentative idea.

To my online friends, all around the world and whom I shall probably never meet, but have given endless support and comfort not just to me, but to many other parents too.