Promoting Safer Pregnancies

Our Safer Pregnancy Projects tackle 3 main areas.

We sponsor cutting edge training, by a nationally recognised training provider, for health professionals to promote best practice and improve the safety in the care of pregnant women and their unborn and new born babies. 

We purchase "wellbeing wallets" designed to hold hand held pregnancy notes that all mums-to-be carry with them. The wallets ensures that key messages regarding health, diet, monitoring babies' movements and when to call the midwife become second nature. Feedback from the UK proves this information has saved little lives.

Our joint charity appeal in Jersey, the Baby Bean Appeal, fundraised for wireless fetal monitors for Jersey Maternity. As well as providing continuous monitoring of the health and safety of baby, mothers can move freely during every stage of labour and it offers flexible birthing options, such as water births and natural delivery after c-section. Evidence also shows mothers who are mobile have significantly shorter labour lengths and we anticipate a reduction in the number of caesarean sections as being mobile and upright is the optimum position for shorter labours and successful safe births.

We are delighted that all 5 wireless fetal monitors have been purchased, so one for every delivery room in Jersey. The feedback from both mums-to-be and midwives has been overwhelmingly positive.