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21 February 2015

It's been a funny few weeks since I last wrote my blog, since then I’ve battled with flu which saw me quite unwell all of last week and also meant a trip to A&E in my pajamas at 3.45am last Wednesday morning - I was not a pretty sight!! But a huge thanks must go to all the wonderful nightshift team in A&E who really looked after me so well, and I think without their assistance I might still be laid up in bed. I have had to take things at a slower pace than I’m use to, to try and be well enough to return to work and to be ready for the First of my Bucket Challenges. 

I am so pleased to announce that “Challenge Number 1 - Abseiling from Mont Orgueil” has been achieved this morning at 10am!!

I had a bit of a sleepless night last night wondering what to wear!! Daft as it may sound I just did not fancy having a Bridget Jones moment caught on camera!!. Once I found suitable attire I then started worrying what would happen if I froze and just couldn't carry on half way down!! 

I need not have worried as John Fox from Jersey Adventures who lead us was absolutely so supportive and a brilliant laugh, I highly recommend Jersey Adventures.

The Abseil was brilliant the views (when I didn't have my eyes shut) of the Castle and surrounding area were beautiful, it really makes you appreciate Jersey's natural beauty despite of the weather!! Talking about weather I think I drew the short straw by going last as all the other team members had beautiful sunshine!!! Holgate-Smith goes to abseil and what do I get....................... a hail storm!! Despite that it was awesome.

I would also like to thank all the team who volunteered (well -ish!) to come and take up the challenge with me. A huge “High Five” goes to Andy C, Zoltan, Idalina and my Husband Stevie. I also need to thank Jo Nash, founder of Philip's Footprints along with her wonderful family who gave me some reassuring words beforehand, it’s then that I took a reality check and remembered why I was doing this challenge and I hope that the challenges I do over the course of the year will enhance the amazing work Jo's charity Philips Footprints does for our local community.

I also would like to say thank you to some truly amazing friends which I have -  Vicky, Ash and their children Kaylee and Jemma, Nicky & AJ and Biggles the pup!! and Idalina's partner Philip who came by and supported us and cheered us on. Thank you!!

If you fancy seeing the highlights of our abseiling adventure, tune in to Channel TV today at 5pm or catch me on Monday's Channel Report!!

And if you fancy abseiling then why not get in touch with John Fox at Jersey Adventure you will love it, I’ve even shared the link!!!

I will be back soon with more capers as I take up "Challenge Number 2" and become the next Reluctant Baker!!!!!

Love Nicky


13 January 2015

Having decided on my first three challenges it's time to get active - the hardest challenge being a 24 Hour Triathlon on April Fools Day!!! 

So I have roped in my trusted friends to help me. On Sunday I did run with my good friend Idalina who always manages to find us a hill or hills to run up. Monday saw me breaking out in a serious sweat courtesy of my good friend and Gym Instructor Zoltan who had me doing some rather painful manoeuvres in the gym, and boy do my abs hurt today!!

Thanks to my so called friends I avoided all contact with them today and did an hour in the pool prepping myself for tomorrow when I do a 2 hour Swim, 2 hour Bike Ride and 2 hour Run.

On the advice of Andy the Boss I have also looked at my dietary requirements and stocked up on gels and energy bars to give me a boost. Think I might have slightly overdone it with the Jelly cubes I had before my swim today as I felt like I had about 10 double espressos!!!! Mental note: 1 Jelly cube would be sufficient! 

Tonight was netball night and a catch up with my St John's Club buddies we had a great game and a bit of a laugh so all good. 

Tomorrow sees me up early and off to the Health Club to start in the pool at 7am, this is my prep time hopefully I wont get goggle leakage and my legs will stop burning from Netball! I'm off now to load up on some carbs and will do an update on my training plan tomorrow if I'm still in a fit state!

Love Nicky