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December 2012

Sunday 2nd December 

Madison Hannah Smyth Memorial Jump

After a beautiful sunrise but a rainy start, it dried up and cleared up for Hannah and Danielle's sky dive.  Well done to two very brave ladies! So far they have raised over £700, final figures to come. Total money raised by Hannah is an amaing £1,076! Thank you so much, Hannah.

October 2012

I have been into Rayner Ward (the Jersey Gynae Ward) today to discusss what they offer women having a miscarriage and have been very pleasantly surprised with what I saw. A lot of time, effort and sympathetic thought has gone into what they offer and I think Philip's Footprints can still help with a few things that the Hospital don't cover.

Also had a sneaky peak at their new 'quiet room' which is lovely and peaceful, away from the noise of the ward with a computer terminal for the doctor to be able to sit and go through things with you. For those of you who don't know, this was paid for through fundraising by JCG 6th form girls (I believe) - well done JCG girls for your fundraising efforts, you should be very proud of what you have achieved!
Technology has finally caught up with me. See my blog!

I come across so many good things online to help and comfort bereaved parents but I appreciate that not everybody who supports Philip's Footprints wants to see this. So, a blog dedicated to baby loss, not a day to day journey but simply blog links, words of comfort, articles that I think may interest those of you who have lost a baby, at any gestation. You can subscribe by email, I hope you will get some small comfort from the gentle words of others. xxx

On Monday 15th October, it is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.
Global Wave of Light - Anyone is welcome to participate. In memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time (no matter how early the gestation), please light a candle at 7pm and leave it burning for at least 1 hour. As each time zone reaches 7pm, it will create a 'Wave of Light' around the world.

I have set up a Wave of LIght 2012 photo album for candles lit on Philip's Footprints Facebook group if you would like to add your photo of your candle to our album please do, with your babies name/nickname and a message if you wish. If you would like to participate anonymously you can email me your photo at and I will post it for you. xxx

Today, Monday 8th October is the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week in the UK. Anyone who would like a Philip's Footprints ribbon pin, please message me using Contact Us, or donate here (if using paypal, please use the personal-gift option).

Also, Monday 15th October is the Global Wave of Light in recognition of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day across the world. Light a candle at 7pm (your time zone) and leave it burning for at least 1 hour; wherever you do this, you will be joining the global ‘Wave of Light’ in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time. xxx

Had a great day up at the Mums in Jersey showcase on 7th October, met some old friends, made some new ones, raised some money from our ribbon pins which means another memory box is paid for. Thank you to everyone who stopped by :)

September 2012

3rd September saw a cake sale at Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey, raising a fantastic sum of £219!

Well done to Helen for organising it and I have to say I went to bed feeling hungry after she sent me these photos!

July 2012

Philip's Footprints have now reached 50 memory boxes given to Jersey Maternity since October 2008. If I'm honest this leaves me with very mixed emotions as I still feel the pain of Philip's loss and always think of all the other babes that have gone after him with great sadness; but hopeful that in some small way we have made a heartbreaking situation just a little more bearable for those parents.

June 2012

BIG NEWS!! A little over four years ago on 1st June 2008, Philip's Footprints had its inaugural meeting. Since then, we have made good our promise to provide Memory Boxes to Jersey and in December 2009, to Guernsey Maternity.

Following meetings with Elaine Torrance, Head of Midwifery at the Jersey Maternity Unit, the Family Room (an en-suite room with a double bed, away from the post-natal ward and is where you stay when you lose your baby) is going to be refurbished and it will also be offered to SCBU parents to use.  Elaine has a long term plan for the family room and some SCBU groups have already offered funds which will be used for this purpose.

But it needs refurbishing now, so Maternity are arranging for redecoration and we are making a donation of £5,000 (yes, Five Thousand Pounds - I still can't believe we've raised that much) which will pay in part for a bed that will fold up into the wall and some more besides to improve the Family Room NOW. So a huge thank to all our supporters and donors big and little. We could not have done it without you.

Now Guernsey supporters, I haven't forgotten you, Philip's Footprints Guernsey is starting to build a little nest egg too, if you have any ideas for improvements please let me know and I can pass them on.

Investec L’Ancresse Open raises £3,000 for local charities

‘When I was asked to be captain of the golf club it was difficult to choose the charity that I wanted to support because there are so many worthwhile organisations in the island. The two charities that I have chosen have, in recent times, helped several members of our golf club during a very difficult time,’ said Bob Ozanne L’Ancresse Golf Club captain.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the L'Ancresse Open, Philip's Footprints received £600.
‘The donation from L’Ancresse Golf Club will provide a foldout bed to give fathers somewhere to sleep when staying overnight on Loveridge Ward,’ said Jo Nash of Philip’s Footprints.

January 2010
Well the Guernsey midwives have got cracking and already had a raffle, which raised a fantastic £100 towards Philip's Footprints Guernsey.

December 2009

Despite the gentle rivalry with our sister isle Guernsey, it is very much a case of united in grief. The very generous donations we have received todate have enabled us to offer the memory boxes to Guernsey Maternity. For anyone wishing to make a donation for use in Guernsey, the new Guernsey designated bank account details will be on the 'How To Donate' page just as soon as we get them.
Guernsey bank details now added.

I met with some lovely midwives from Guernsey who came over to visit our Maternity and see how Philip's Footprints works over here. They are planning their own fundraising to boost the supplies they took back with them.

October 2009
October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day across the world. Please light a candle at 7pm and leave it burning for at least one hour; wherever you do this, you will be joining the global 'Wave of Light' in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.

"Those that we hold in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever"

July 2009
Can you believe Philip's Footprints was a year old on 1st July 2009? We have received such fantastic support from friends, colleagues and strangers alike and I am deeply touched by the people who continue to help us and support us. I had hoped to raise enough to provide the first years worth of memory boxes and we have raised so much more, enabling us to do so much more.

The feedback I have received from bereaved parents and the midwives and consultants who see these losses first hand is overwhelmingly positive. Your support is making such a difference to those facing the loss of a baby.

We are continuing to try and improve on what is already in place and with new projects in the pipeline.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you it would not be possible.

April 2009
A charity football match raised £110, which was very kindly matched by UBS, so £220 raised.

March 2009
Happy 1st Birthday Philip

January 2009
£225 donated to Philip's Footprints in memory of Kathleen Violet Whitley, Philip's Great-Nan. A further £107 was raised by the ladies of St Bernadette's Bingo in memory of my Nan. 

December 2008
We are delighted to have donated two moses baskets, one large, one small, to the Maternity Unit Family Room.
We had a custom made mattress, very kindly donated by which fits the small moses basket.

November 2008
For 'Industry Week' at Grouville School, the Nursery class (and teachers!) worked very hard to create calendars and donated the profits from the sale of 156 calendars, £138, to Philip's Footprints. Thank you!